Nigerian Man Takes Photos of Old Man and Sells Them for Over N1m As NFT

A young Nigerian photographer, Adisa Olashile, has shown one of the many possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In an earlier tweet on Friday, April 1, Adisa said he took photos of an old drummer who he usually saw on his way to Community Development Service (CDS).

On Saturday, April 2, the brilliant photographer came online and revealed that he minted same photographs as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on OpenSea and sold them for 0.3 Ethereum (Eth) each.

As at the time of writing this report Eth/USDT pairing is $3497.33 (N2,042,440.72) and 0.3 of the same crypto was selling for $1049.19 on Binance. With two sold, 0.3 Eth would translate to $2,098.32 (N1,225,418.88) in price.

Adisa said that 50% of the money he made from the mints will be going to the man. Please note that the price of cryto is volatile and the price captured could change anytime.


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