Wizkid Opens Up About The Struggle In His Career

Nigerian superstar Wizkid recently opened up about his grass to grace story. The 29-year-old musician revealed that the first money he ever made was N250,000 and getting such an amount when he first started was a huge deal for him.
In an interview with Vanguard, Wizkid, stated that receiving the money pushed him to believe in could touch a million dollars. Starboy shared that he came from nothing and chased his passion and is reaping the fruits of his labour today.
He said: “I can never forget. The first big money I ever collected was N250,000; I was so excited. I remember that after I touched that money, I told my partner at that time; ‘Bro, we started this music hustle with nothing, now we are able to make N250,000. If we are able to really make this kind of money, I think we can touch a million US Dollars’. I am happy to say that, today, we are getting more than one million US Dollars.”
Speaking on how he spent the first big payment he received for his talent, he said: “I don’t remember what I bought with the money in the first place. But I definitely know that I took some money back home to my mother. That’s one of the first things I did.”
Luckily for the singer, he has come many miles from getting N250,000. In fact, each show he now performs earns him over N250 million.
On how he has managed to transition to a billionaire, Wizkid revealed that he has learned how to manage money and how to invest in things that will make him remembered.
He said: “I think that in my generation a lot of kids are not financially literate. I started touching a lot of money when I was 19. I learnt back then that, as a young boy, you’re are bound to spend money on things you don’t need. But I also learnt to know what was important and deserved to be spent money on. Over the years, I have been able to become smarter with my money. I learnt to sort the things I don’t need from the things that are important. Basically, I learnt to spend money on things that will keep me here for a real long time.”
It clearly has been a daunting but fulfilling journey for Wizkid, who is currently one of Africa’s heavyweight champions in the music industry.

Meanwhile, Wizkid is sure stamping his name on the walls of history. The Starboy featured in a song with Beyonce which many believe is an anthem for all brown skin, African women who have been taught to do everything but love their melanin shaded skin.


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