I’m Not Yet Successful – Wizkid Opens Up About His Vision For Africa

It is understandable that success means different things to different people but being worth billions of naira qualifies as some level of success, so when Nigerian singer, Wizkid stated that he is no yet a successful man despite being worth N8 billion, it naturally had people reevaluating their outlook on what success really means.
In a recent interview with Vanguard, the Starboy opened up about what ideal success is to him. Even though he is one of the giants of Africa as far as music is concerned, Wizkid said he believes he would be closer to success when he is able to empower African children who have great potential.
He said: “I wake up every morning wanting more. So, I don’t even feel like I have accomplished anything yet. I have not done anything at all. I have not built schools around Africa; which is one of my biggest dreams, to help kids. There are a whole lot of things happening around the world. There’s poverty around the world. I will definitely like to do more. I don’t think I am successful yet, to be frank.”

He also shared that his dream is to build schools and contribute to developing the mind of the African child. When asked what success means to him, he said: “Success for me is not the amount of money you have. It is not the amount of property you have acquired. Success is about the number of lives you are able to touch while you’re succeeding in your career. Success is making sure that every African child out there has an opportunity to actually get ahead in life. Success, for me, is touching people’s lives.”

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