24-Year-Old Worker Made For Life As He Wins N1.6tr Lottery Fortune, To Receive N4.4m Monthly For 30 Years (Photos)

A young man has been made for life such that he does not have to lift his finger to live a good life. The 24-year-old worker was left dazed after winning a Set For Life top prize at the National Lottery. He will be going with a whopping £10,000 (N4,412,228) every month for the next 30 years.
Dean Weymes could not believe his eyes when he matched five balls and the Life Ball to win the Set For Life top prize. He is the fourth person to win the Set for Life jackpot after it was introduced on March 18, 2019.
His total win in 30 years will be N1,588,140,000 and Dean said he has immediately quit his job to follow his passion for script writing. His win has put him in the top two per cent of UK earners who do not have to lift a finger. His living in comfort is also assured.
Dean speaking on his win said: “It is just incredible. I am 24 and I am now literally set for life! After discovering my win I knew exactly what I was going to do next. Getting £10,000 every month allows me to start working through my bucket list.”
On top of his bucket list is a hot air balloon ride and a tandem sky dive. Dean could not believe his wish is becoming a reality: “I cannot actually believe that I am really going to be able to do these things – and do them right now. Everything still seems quite unreal – the news really is still sinking in.”
Another of his fantasy he is about to fulfil is a trip to Disneyland with his family and he has already booked a trip Paris for it.

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