Nigerian Lady Opens Up On Weird Thing Her Boyfriend Does To Her Before They Have S*x

A lady has written to Nigerian relationship expert and love doctor, Joro Olumofin on the quite bizarre thing her boyfriend does before they have sex.
She says her boyfriend actually uses a spoon to stir her private part before sleeping with her and she is scared about the habit.
After sharing her plight with the relationship blogger and adviser and he sharing it online, it really has got people dazed with many cracking up over the hilarity of her plight.
Although, some others Many have advised the lady to resist the man’s antics.
Read the story below,
Joro something is happening and it is confusing me. My boyfriend will always put ladle or spoon in my vagina before he f*cks me. I’ve tried to stop him many times but he said if he doesn’t do it then he won’t f*ck. I’m confused. Is he trying to stir up my vagina first. Pls is this normal? It’s starting to turn me on and I’m worried.
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