#RevolutionNow: Despite Sowore’s Arrest, The Protest Will Go On As Planned – Organisers Insist

Organisers of the #RevolutionNow protest set to be staged on Monday August 5th, have said that the programme will hold as planned despite the arrest and detention of its leader, Omoyele Sowore.
Sowore was arrested by the Department of State services at about 1:25 am on Saturday. In a statement signed by Kunle Wizeman Ajayi, the organisers vowed to continue the mass action in the face of government repression.
Ajayi said: “We have confirmed that Omoyele Sowore, the leader of the #RevolutionNow protests, has been arrested. This arrest is not surprising to us. We know that the presidency has tried everything in their powers to discredit and dampen our struggle.”
The group accused the presidency of intensifying efforts to scuttle the protests.

The group said;”For the past three days, the presidency has paid social media influencers hugely and such others to discredit the #RevolutionNow all to no avail! The presidency even went as far as attacking Amnesty International, believing that their blackmails would appeal to Nigerians.
“They also paid some ex-activists to counter us publicly but the mass of working people stood by #RevolutionNow!” Also speaking on behalf of the Lagos branch of the African Action Congress (AAC), Ajayi called for more mobilization in defiance to the government.
“Lagos branch of the African Action Congress (AAC) condemns Sowore’s arrest and Buhari’s stubborn and cruel antidemocratic credentials. We believe that the #RevolutionNow will outlive all forces of repression, particularly the Buhari presidency.
“We call on the Coalition for Revolution (CORE) and other organizers to continue with mobilization. A failed government cannot use force to make the mass of people to accept its failure.”

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