DRAMA As Men Line Up To Enjoy ‘Sweet S3x’ With A Prostitute With Big And Rounded Backside

A 42-year-old prostitute with nice curved buttocks said her normal charge is R150 but on weekends it’s two for the price of one. But it is only on weekends.
She used to earn just R700 a weekend. But her new marketing idea has changed her life.
Her weekend special has customers lining up for more! Her secret is simple – it’s a buy-one, get one free offer for pokes.
“I make up to R3 000 on a weekend!” she said.
She said she was inspired by brands that give people freebies to convince them to buy.
“It’s been great!” she said.She said she’s been on the streets of Joburg for 13 years.
“I believe I’ll die a sex worker. Life hasn’t been easy but I don’t have any choice. I come from Mbombela in Mpumalanga.
I left home when I was 29. I told my mother I had a job in Joburg as a cleaner. My family still thinks I’m a cleaner. As long as I send them money, everything is okay.”
She said when she got to Joburg her friend told her she could make a lot of money by selling her body instead of being a cleaner.
“She was a hooker and I knew what she meant so I decided to do it. I had to support my seven siblings. It feeds my family and I’m happy doing this,” she said.
The thigh vendor said she practised safe sex.
“The very friend who introduced me to being a prostitute died of Aids two years ago.”
When asked other ‘fornication engineers’ about the weekend special, a sex vendor from Eikenhof, south of Joburg said she loved the idea and she’ll start doing it soon.
“This is a great strategy. I’m all for it,” she said.A woman from the Joburg CBD said if she wanted to give away her punani for free, she’d date kasi men.
“I’d rather give my regular clients a poke now and let them pay later,” she said.
A client said he loved the special because he doesn’t always have money.
“This way I can pay for two rounds and have two rounds free. That will keep me happy for the weekend.”
Lawrence said: “This is the best option for poor people like us. Imagine paying just R150 for two rounds if you earn R200 a day. God is great!”
Christopher: “I’ve been suggesting this to my magosha. I hope she will come to her senses. Thank you, admin.”
Haras: “My man is already sneaky and this weekend special will make him vanish.”

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