Edo First Lady Says Darkness Cannot Overcome Light, Strengthens Nigerian Girls Guide Association Against Human Trafficking

The First Lady of Edo State Betsy Obaseki says that she and her husband Governor Godwin Obaseki are resolved to revive all notable dead institutions in the state.

Betsy Obaseki who said this in Benin City the Edo State capital where she was decorated as the patron of the Nigeria Girls Guide Association blamed the death of the association in the State and other similar notable institutions for the rise of the illegal trafficking in Edo State over the years.

The First Lady consequently inaugurated the wives of the eighteen Local Government Chairmen in the State as the matrons of the Nigerian Girls Guide Association and went a step further to inaugurate most of the serving female political office holders in the State as members of the association.

She said they are being co-opted in their capacity first as women, secondly as mothers and lastly based on the positions that they occupy. She added “that is why you are all meant to go and mentor all the women that you come across in life and bring them into this movement because the more people we get who know the tenets of this movement, the more cleansed and sanitized our society will be and consequently the more young girls we will be delivering from destruction. The more good homes and better marriages we will have and consequently the better society”.

The first lady urged the new inductees to recognize that the fight against human trafficking is not negotiable as it is a fight for the soul of Edo State between light and darkness and that as darkness cannot overcome light, so also will the efforts of the state against human trafficking prevail.

The Commissioner of the Nigerian Girls Guide Association, Mrs Enebeli Ukpor Mary said the NGGA is concerned with the development of the moral values of the Girl Child, character molding and skill acquisition.

The Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Nigerian Girls Guide Association Edo State, Mrs Rhoda Thomas who spoke on leadership asked members of the NGGA to imbibe the leadership qualities of being sensitive, focused and passionate about their cause.

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