AFCON: Nigerian Man Destroys His TV After Nigeria Lost To Algeria

A Nigerian man destroyed his TV set on Sunday night after Nigeria crashed out of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. The Super Eagles were defeated by Algeria’s Desert Foxes 2-1 at the semi-final match which held at the Cairo International stadium yesterday Sunday July 14th.
The Nigerian man who had a N700k bet with is friends before the match, destroyed his TV in anger after the Super Eagles lost a minute before the close of the match. Twitter user @Cyoung4real007who shared photos online, wrote: ”My guy just destroyed his TV because he lost his 700k bet. Watching Super eagles (chicken) is not easy”.

My guy just destroyed his TV because he lost his 700k bet?????. Watching Super eagles (chicken) is not easy. @NGSuperEagles #AFCON2019 #ALGNGA #mahrez #Algeria

— ?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​ (@Cyoung4real007) July 14, 2019


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