Herdsmen Blows Hot, Threatens To Deal With Southerners If FG Fails To Overturn Plan On Ruga Suspension

It is no longer news that the Federal Govt wants to set up Ruga settlement in the 36 states of the country to halt the regular fights between herdsmen and farmers. However, the plan was suspended after it was met with serious criticism and rejections from southerners.
The Coalition of Northern Groups in a video going rife has threatened that if the suspension of RUGA isn’t overturned “no one should expect any Southerner to enjoy the same in Northern Nigeria”
There have been speculations that the Coalition of Northern Groups had the audacity to threaten Southerners because they are currently in charge in the country’s key positions.
Key Positions
Head of EXECUTIVE: North
Head of LEGISLATURE: North
Head of JUDICIARY: North
Head of ARMY: North
Head of POLICE: North

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